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Circle of Serenity


Circle of Serenity


Circle of Serenity


6mm - A natural Amethyst round/flat gemstone straddled by 2 amethyst matte gemstones with 6mm Lava Stones strung on a black nylon cord strand.

8mm - A natural Amethyst round/flat gemstone with 8mm Lava Stones strung on a black nylon cord strand.

Mens/Womens - Adjustable pull cord closure

Measures Approx. 6"-8”

Handcrafted in the USA

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Amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, helps in overcoming addictions, balances emotional highs and lows. Serenity/Self-Control/Restful Sleep

Lava Stone provides energy, strength and stability necessary for making changes in your life.  Also, due to it's porous nature Lava Stone is excellent to use with essential oils.  Resilience/Grounding/Transformation

The Circle of Serenity combination of crystals is also beneficial for the following conditions: Alcoholism, Anxiety, Cancer, Cleansing/Detoxifying Organs, Depression, Diabetes, Drug Addictions, Endocrine System, Grief, Headaches, Hormone Deficiencies, Immune System, Nightmares, Paranoia, Psychiatric Conditions, Thyroid Disease