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In Recovery Jewelry


Support for whatever you are recovering from...

because everyone is recovering from something.

Sharing My Story

In 2010 it became obvious my 18 year old son had a drug addiction. After three 30 day rehabs, a 90 day extended care program, sober housing and a stay in a psychiatric ward, he entered a year long treatment program.

In this program he was assigned a case manager who believed in the energy of gemstones and their healing properties in recovery from addiction.

My son began studying the properties and collecting and carrying his own stones and using them to aid in his own recovery. When my husband and I would go visit him on the weekends we searched for shops that sold gemstones. Along this journey I came to believe there is not just one way to recovery but a combination of ways strength and balance can be found. 

The healing powers of gemstones were just a part of my son’s path to recovery but wearing them daily gave him a boost of confidence and energy reminding him that he is not alone in his journey. These bracelets have also helped me as a parent of a child in addiction/recovery find strength, balance, hope and peace. 

It is my hope that whatever you or your loved one is recovering from whether it is substance abuse, depression, anxiety, a chronic disease, an abusive relationship, mental illness, an eating disorder, loss of a loved one or any other difficult life situation that these bracelets provide support on the journey to Recovery.